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Hailing from Perth in Western Australia, photographer Steve Fraser’s résumé reads like an adventure novel. 


Steve has photographed in over a hundred and thirty countries. He has cave dived in Tonga, hung out of helicopters in the New Zealand Alps, crossed the Australian desert on a motorbike, blasted at three hundred kilometres an hour down the main straight at Phillip Island, raced mountain bikes in the Canadian Rockies, spoken at TEDx, and helped provide clean fresh drinking water to people in remote Africa.

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DSC_8057 Steve at Redgates.jpg

Steve loves the extreme challenges of his adventures that result in such unique images. ‘The more remote the place, the better,’ Steve says. His catalogue of images is as much a history of his travels as an artistic journey across the world. 


Steve’s unique approach to life and photography has led to private and corporate organisations and governments all over the world collecting his fine art images. He is also in demand as a travel and adventure writer and speaker. 

Whether it’s travel, adventure, friends, family, or photography, Steve brings a passion that is contagious. ‘Passion is oxygen for the soul,’ Steve says.

Steve has authored four books: Moments In The Light, Inspirational Moments, The Wild Frontier: Western Australia, and Fragile. He has collaborated on several others, including Vision of Hope and Focus on Australia. 


His work appears in major publications and he has worked with World Vision, Australian Geographic, Telstra, ARB, Tourism Western Australia, the West Coast Eagles, 98.5 FM, the National Museum of Australia, Tourism Australia, and the Indonesian and Italian Governments.


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Steve is passionate about social justice. Each year, he donates his time to a specific not-for-profit organisation. He photographs their work and helps to highlight the issues affecting people around the world. Transform Cambodia, World Vision, International Justice Ministries, and Water for Africa are just a few he has worked with.


After spending time with the founders of Water for Africa in Tanzania, Steve was so touched by the work they were doing that he agreed to be an ambassador, a position he has held since 2014.


In 2017, Steve rode his adventure bike around the world to raise funds and awareness for Water for Africa. He began his forty-five thousand kilometre journey in Perth and finished in Cape Town, South Africa nine months later.  

“Steve has travelled the breadth of America, capturing its vastness and beauty in vibrant detail. His collection of images will leave you inspired and in awe at the stunning country we live in”


“Steve is famous for his exquisite landscape images. He has a special love of, and connection with, this amazing state. Steve grew up in the Pilbara region and has a particular love for the region. The landscapes you see in his book may be preserved in all their beauty for ours and future generations to enjoy."



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